Monday, October 13, 2008

How To Remove Adware

Adware is an annoying program that not only bombards your computer with annoying "pop-up" advertisements, it can also change your homepage without your knowledge. If you have downloaded music in the past, and your PC is running very, very slow, then most likely you have adware installed on your computer. So how do you get rid of it?

First of all, most of the anti-virus programs on the market will detect adware. But this is not the recommended way to get rid of adware. The industry experts out there recommend that you first of all buy an effective adware removal program. Anti-virus programs will detect adware, but an effective anti-adware/anti-spyware program will remove the adware from your computer because these programs are specifically written for the problem.

First things first, perform a system scan of your computer. After you have had the anti-spyware program identify and detect the adware, it is recommended that you close all other programs that you are not using. The next step is to have the anti-spyware program attempt to remove the adware. After this, reboot your computer, and after start-up, re-scan the system again. Repeat these steps until all the adware on the computer has been removed.

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